The Process of Staining Concrete Floors

Concrete staining is a process of staining concrete floors and giving it a new and improved look. People use this process when they decide to change the look of a dull grey piece of slab or when concrete floors are degrading and corroding.

The 2 types of concrete stains are reactive and non- reactive. Reactive stains are water-based acidic solutions that react with the concrete. Once the chemical reaction has taken place, the stain forms a permanent bond with the concrete and won’t peel away.

Non-reactive stains are water-based acrylic stains to penetrate the concrete surface and deposit particles in the open pores. Nonreactive stains are easier to apply than acid stains but it is not as successful. It won’t produce the color texture that an acid stain can do and is a less durable finish.

Cleaning the concrete is one of the most important things that have to be done before any type of staining takes place.

1) Sweep and scrub the floor using TSP (Trisodium Phosphate)

2) Scrape off as much mastic and caulking compound as possible using a floor scraper

3) Use a smooth paste derived from fly ash with denatured alcohol

4) Scrub the floor again with TSP and then use a wet-vac to dry the floor

5) This will ensure a smooth floor for the staining process

The actual concrete staining can now commence. The process is very difficult and needs to be done professionally. The various steps are listed below

a) Make sure to cover the walls using masking paper to avoid the walls from getting stains.

b) Mix the stain mixture using hydrochloric acid. Add acid to water as opposed to the other way around. The best way to apply the solution to the floor is by using a 2 gallon plastic spray as metal will react with the solution

c) Spray the floor from about 18inches above the floor. The stain will react with the floor giving it multiple hues. Let it dry and then apply a second coat.

d) The individual applying the spray can repeat until the desired color is reached

e) Seal the floor using a paint roller. Apply the sealer using multiple thin coats.

f) Allow the floor to dry

Concrete staining will add character to the floor. The stains will permeate the concrete and infuse it with a rich translucent tone. It can be used on a variety of surfaces such as garages, kitchens, indoor surfaces, driveways etc. amongst others. Over time, the concrete will have bonded and not chip away. The color that was needed will blend into the cement. It is a smart investment for the smart homeowner.

Corporate Catering in Melbourne Things to Consider

Hosting a party is always a stressful task. Choosing the venue, decorations, inviting guests, seating arrangements, each and every factor have a great role in making an event a grand success. However, may it is a private or corporate function, providing delicious food is something that makes an event worth remembering. Thanks to the catering services in Melbourne that help you in arranging the food and beverages required for any event.

Needless to say, you can start your search for the caterers through internet. Providing you with a long list of catering companies in your locality, search engines can make your task easy. However, how you will select the right private or corporate catering in Melbourne? To narrow down the results, you can make your search criteria more specific, like including the locality, your choice of food and speciality. If it is any festive season, like Christmas or New Year, you can limit the search to Christmas catering in Melbourne. Even after filtering out with such specific terms, you would come across a list of options. But we need only one company. To make your decision making somewhat simple, we can help you with some tips.

Recommendations and Reviews: When it is about food, you should give prior to those catering services in Melbourne who have received positive reviews and testimonials. Seek suggestions from your friends or family who have recently hired the services of any caterer.

Exceptional service: No matter whether it is a private event or corporate catering in Melbourne, courteous service from the caterers is a must. Always enquire about their customer services and professionalism.

Pick a taste: Most of the catering services in Melbourne will provide you with a varied range of cuisines ranging from the BBQ to finger food catering and everything in between. You have to select the option that fits to your budget and requirements.

Services to choose from: Not just the cooking, you can also hire the services of waits staff and support personals for Christmas catering in Melbourne. Companies that offer corporate catering in Melbourne can help you with delicious food, arrangement and support.

Great Value for your money: whenever you are paying for a service, May it is Christmas catering in Melbourne or BBQ catering, you wish to make the best out of your money. So, always select a reliable caterer that can ensure great value of your money with their amazing services and delicious range of cuisines.
Quotes: While you have come up with a final list of three to four companies, you can leave the decision to the final prices. Compare quotes from different caterers, which would help you in making an informed decision.

The above-mentioned tips are some of the many that may assist you in the selection of a reliable catering service.

Players for Blu-ray cinema

The price of the Blu-ray players is as cheap as the DVD players, which means that the DVD players cannot win in the price competition. The popular technology of HDTV is also a reason that lets the Blu-ray player gain more acceptability, and replace the old-school DVD player. Viewers have started demanding high-picture quality, and the Blu-ray can display high resolution picture, DVD players cannot.

HDTV and Blu-ray player

If you own an HDTV, you definitely want your Blu-ray cinema to accentuate the picture quality and viewing experience. The Blu-ray player takes care of that and realizes the full potential of HDTV. The two together can show much more detail as compared to the DVD players. Additionally, electronic companies are promoting the Blu-ray players, since they can play multiple disc formats. The more important aspect to keep in mind is that they can display improved picture quality using the up conversion feature. The player is also being widely used because of its capability to stream media. People can use it to stream movies, videos, TV shows and music albums from the Internet, using any of the popular streaming websites.

3D feature

Apart from the streaming feature, these players also have the ability to playback 3D videos. If you own a 3D TV, you can sit back at home and enjoy 3D movies in your own Blu-ray cinema. There is no need to spend extra money when high picture and sound quality can be obtained at home itself.

Buying tips

When an individual decides on purchasing a Blu-ray player, there are several things that need to be kept in mind. What is your budget? How much money are you willing to spend on the player? Generally, these players range between $30 and $5000. You have a wide range to choose from, and depending on the features the different models have, the prices vary. Many of the models have the basic features already discussed above. If your budget is restricted, you can opt for the basic player and enjoy high image quality. These players are ideal for families who enjoy watching movies once in a while, and do not have high demands in terms of picture and sound quality.

For enthusiasts

It is important to go for a high end player. This will be able to play all types of discs and provide an absolutely outstanding experience to your eyes and your ears. Invite all your friends home, and make the most of your Blu-ray cinema. Watch your favorite flicks over and over again. You can also accessorize the room with proper seating, lighting and other electronic gadgets. Some people have their own collection of favorite DVD’s. Don’t worry; you can still use these because the Blu-ray players are capable of converting discs to the higher quality.

For techno freaks

If you are extremely particular about the quality of the picture and sound, it is suggested that you go in for players comprising two HDMI outputs. Two HDMI outputs contribute significantly to the video and audio quality. Lot of Blu-ray players available in the market has only one HDMI connection. If you enjoy watching 3D movies but own an older A/V receiver, two HDMI outputs are a must for you.

Making the right decision

Carefully go through the features and aspects of the player you choose to buy. You will not be creating a Blu-ray cinema again and again, and you would not like to spend on another player, just after few months. Talk with the store assistant, carefully check the picture and sound quality, and then decide on the player you will buy. Compare the prices of different brands and purchase the player that suits your budget, requirements and home décor. The system should not be too big for the room where you plan to install it.

What Makes a Good Generator Hire Company?

You don’t have to look far to find a generator hire company these days; however, like so many things in life, not all of these companies are created equal. Given the importance of portable generators in providing backup and continuous power, it is essential that you only deal with hire companies that can provide you with products that are guaranteed to perform and a service that ensures you are never without power when you need it.

So what makes a good hire company? One that meets the following criteria will certainly fit the bill.

Rapid response

A company that can provide a rapid response to your call is vital in your choosing of a generator hire company. There is simply no predicting when you are going to suffer a power outage and there is never a good time for one to occur. As a business, any loss of power can seriously affect operations and profits can be harmed as a result. You need to know that if ever power failure does happen, a generator hire firm can minimise downtime with a fast response. This must be available 24 hours a day and cover both the supply of generators and the support to deal with any problems when the generator is on-site.

Customer Service Excellence

As with any business, the customer should be at the forefront of everything a generator hire company does. From providing advice on what type of generators can meet power requirements to offering support when issues are encountered, a good company will always have a customer support team in place to cater to your needs 24/7.

Wide Range of Options

Every customer has their own needs and requirements, requiring a generator that specifically supports them. Generators come in a wide range of shapes and sizes with numerous different power outputs. Whether you need access to portable generators for an outdoor event or silent generators to provide backup power without disturbance to employees or neighbours, a company should be able to provide it to you. Each option should be able to meet your usage demands based on load, application, and environment.

Effective Fuel Management

If you hire a generator, you naturally expect it to run without a hiccup – fuel management services will ensure this is the case. Not all hire companies offer this service, but one that does will be of great benefit in ensuring your generators run continuously without hassle. Reduced duty fuels should be readily available whenever you need them and supplied to ensure your power for as long as you need it.

Rapid response, great customer service, a wide range of options and effective fuel management are all key elements in a good hire company. Apex Power Solutions meets these criteria and more, ensuring the very best power solutions for your applications. Click here to find out more about how we can benefit you.